Handicap Needs And Your Bed & Breakfast

You may inadvertently be cutting off potential customers because your bed & breakfast isn’t handicap accessible. If all of the rooms are upstairs and you don’t have an elevator, you have just cut these individuals off from being able to enjoy your bed & breakfast. With so many of these types of businesses struggling, you need to embrace every single guest that you can get.

If you are considering opening a bed & breakfast, then you still have time to implement the various needs those with disabilities may have. Keep it in mind when you are examining properties to purchase for the business. This way you can open the doors ready to serve those with the disabilities instead of having to make continued modifications.

You may find you don’t have to make too many changes though. For example, you can set up one of the rooms on the bottom floor. This can be saved for someone with a disability that contacts you for a room. It is much easier than installing an elevator and you will definitely find it is a more affordable alternative.

If you aren’t sure what elements of the bed & breakfast to consider, get some help from those with disabilities. They are definitely experts in the field and can give you excellent advice. You will also find a handful of organizations out there that will conduct a free evaluation for you. They are very dedicated to serving those with disabilities so you will be proud of your efforts.

Pay attention to the exterior of the facility as well. You may think the sidewalk is fine and then later discover it isn’t wide enough for a person to easily move along in a wheelchair. All of these types of details are going to affects someone’s ability to enjoy their stay at your bed & breakfast. Once you have made the necessary changes you will always be able to continue serving their needs.

Since many people enjoy being outdoors, your bed & breakfast needs to accommodate this as well. Having a wheelchair ramp for them to access the front ramp won’t be enough. It is a very good place to start though. Make sure they can also access the other areas that you have to offer including a garden or a porch area is important.

Since you want to attract as many guests as possible to your bed & breakfast, make sure you include this part of the market. You may be surprised at how many people come to your bed & breakfast for this reason. It is a great selling point so include it with all of your advertising.

While you are focusing on your guests, make sure you don’t overlook the small things. A handicap accessible bed & breakfast isn’t something you find everyday. You can be sure these satisfied guests will recommend your location to others with a disability as well. This type of publicity is certainly going to win you a loyal customer base. As a result, your bed & breakfast will continue to be profitable.

Source by Patti Rob