Goin’ Postal Franchise Opportunity Review


Marcus Price and M.J. Price founded Goin’ Postal in 2002. In a short time the company proved itself a favorite alternative for customers. In 2004, Goin’ Postal offered its first franchise. Now it has around 300 franchises all over the United States. It’s main office is in Florida and has 25 employees in the office. The popularity of the Goin’ Postal has a solid foundation and is known for its fair pricing and excellent customer care.


Goin’ Postal has developed a successful business model. It helps its franchisees to set up their stores with low investments. One can compare these investments to other franchises and find it much less. You can gain more profits due to low overheads. They have a dedicated team to support the success of every franchisee in their business. There are many benefits of owning Goin’ Postal franchise. These benefits are –

· Small initial investments

·Goin’ Postal gives you flexibility in running your store.

·You can a offer variety of shipping services. Goin’ Postal helps you in becoming an authorized shipping store and provides help in offering services you want.

· Offer services from shipping to office supplies to ink, toner and documents. You add these services and products at your store and increase your profits.

· The Company provides training at its headquarters as well as at the franchise location. The training sessions are continued over the franchise agreement of fifteen years.

·It provides ongoing support through various avenues such as, the internet, field operations, newsletters, meetings etc.

·It also helps in marketing your services and products through regional advertising and co-op advertising.

How Much Investment Is Required For The Franchise

The franchise fee is $15000. The royalty fee is $330 per month. The agreement is for fifteen years and is renewable. The total investment is around $48000 – $135,500

Goin’ Postal offers postal services through their network of franchisees. Franchise 500 has ranked it 155 in 2010. As with any business decision it is important to do your research and due diligence prior to making a business decision. Goin’ Postal’s fixed royalty is a very intriguing model in the industry. Often times the royalty is a percentage of your income, thus as your sale increase you pay more to the franchisor. With a fixed royalty model, the increase in sales will create more profits as your royalty is still the same.

Be sure to evaluate the competition in your market. A market with established postal services locations will be much harder to penetrate than those markets without.

Source by Joshua Valentine