GDI Network Marketing Overview – Global Domains International Home Based Business Review

Global domain international was the first to create the.WS industry and has been paying millions of dollars to its members every single year. Global domains have been around for close to 10 years now and they are based out of Carlsbad, California. This just goes to show you that.WS has continued to grow its success over the years. More in more people are beginning to find out about global domains international which have a valuable product and business opportunity. The product is a great product which everyone will use on a daily basis i.e. build a new website or for business opportunity purposes. Its opportunity is a simple 5 x 5 matrix. The company will pay you one dollar for every $10 membership. Now you’re probably thinking it’s only one dollar per membership so it can really add up.

Global domains product is very unique unlike any other product or service online. There front running product are domains and Web hosting which is only $10 a month membership. You’re probably thinking $10 a month for a domain where by I can buy a normal domain for $10 for the year. You must take into consideration that those normal domains do not pay you an affiliate commission if you sign up other members. Global domains international they will pay you one dollar for every member that you refer to their company. Now let’s just think about it for a minute if you have 100 members in your organization that equals $100 you will receive every month for the rest of your life. Now, if it takes you three years to referrer 3000 members that mean you receive US$3000 per month.

Also another benefit of their compensation plan is weekly bonuses. They have a very good incentive for people who can referred up 5 people or more within a week which in return you receive US$100 for that week. For example, let’s say you sign up 15 people within a seven day period that would equal to $300 just for the week. Also this incentive is unlimited depending on your motivation and determination.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for domain hosting or a business opportunity this is a company that’s been around for many years. They offer tremendous customer service and support on behalf of global domains international. I also forgot to mention if you haven’t noticed the name Global which means you can referred members from any part of the global to your organization. This is also a tremendous benefit which means you’re not restricted to any country, territory, and region of the world. They are a global company that is looking to expand around the world and the domain business.

Source by Lara Roseli