Franchise Opportunity Vs Top Tier Internet Home Business For Retirees

In this article, we will compare a brick and mortar or truck and tools franchise with a Top Tier Internet Home Business, specifically, Carbon Copy Pro.

First, with a franchise ask yourself: “Can I really afford the actual ‘cost’ in terms of your time, your actual money outlay, and the time it takes to see profit? ” Many franchises usually require thousands, if not TENS of thousands just to get started. This followed by a mountain of legal paperwork, licensing agreements, royalty agreements, building permits, liability insurance, possible incorporation legal fees and more legal fees on top of all that. Then, you will have to manage your little empire on a daily basis, sometimes 60 -80 hours a week, seven days a week!

According to a web based site Entrepreneur, the top 200 franchise businesses can range from brick and mortar restaurants, hotels, printing companies, hair care shops, convenience stores, auto oil change services, fitness centers, mailing post office stores, etc. Most of those start at over $50,000 and up! Then, you have what I call the Truck and Tool franchises like, commercial and restoration cleaning, commercial and residential painting, mechanics tools like Snap On Tools, Mac Tools, Serv-Pro, Jani-King, etc. Whereas these can all be profitable, it’s up to you, the owner, to drive traffic to your store or service.

So, add in advertising costs, labor costs, Socialist Security costs, health insurance costs, utility costs, supplies to run your business, you need to take into account advertising costs. If you run a franchise restaurant, you will likely have daily deliveries from various food services. And, you have to hire and fire, and keep an eye on the cash register – yes, kids steal – it’s documented. Not to mention if you’re in food, the dread Sanitation Inspector who unexpectedly drops in at any given time.

In truth, by simply owning a franchise you can be basically working for that company. Why else does McDonald’s or Burger King require part of the income from the franchise? A franchisee owner is basically working for The Man! But wait! Didn’t you quit your job so you could “work for yourself”? Not so with a franchise. They can own you and many franchise owners report putting in 60 -80 hours a week for months or years on end!

Another big disadvantage to buying a franchise is going to be the actual agreement that you’ve locked yourself into. You see, the standard contract duration for a franchise store owner is generally 15 to 20 years! Let me say that again 15 – 20 years! It would be a major hassle to get out of if a franchise owner was having trouble getting the popularity of the franchise store off of the ground to start with.

OR, if the corporate franchise were to go under for various reasons like law suites, market conditions in your area. Moreover, there may actually end up being a hefty breach of contract fees as well. If your franchise doesn’t do as well as projected and does not work out inside the first few years you could be toast!

Many franchise owners report that they get little or no support from the Home Office once the ink has dried. Is that what you want? So, this gets us to comparing a franchise opportunity to a Top Tier Internet Business because many of the support issues exist on line as they do with brick and mortar or tools and truck businesses.

First, with Carbon Copy Pro, you are not restricted to any specific geography. We are currently in over 150 countries worldwide. All you really need it a computer, high speed internet connection and a cell phone and you are in business! Also, are ready for a real Internet business with 80% profit margins? No Rent, No Employees, No Insurance, No Liability, No Inventory. No lawyers. No royalties. No payroll except to pay yourself!

Starting to sound good?

Carbon Copy Pro has huge ROI potential, a Proven Business Plan, a Complete Marketing System with Full Training irrespective of your present computer abilities. Carbon Copy Pro has the most extensive support of any Internet Home Business on the Internet bar none. Fact is, we have many people who were once slaves to their franchise and now have the freedom and breathing room o being part of a lucrative top tier program that pays $2,000 – $10,000 per commission! And we’re doing it every day!

Your price of admission to Carbon Copy Pro, a Top Tier Internet Home Business can range from $3,500 – $20,000. The average cost of a franchise is usually well over $50,000 and that’s just the starting sticker price! If you follow our proven system, you can be making five figures a month within 90 days!

This is not MLM or any other Mickey Mouse business model. This will be the same system that I and many others use which allows us to work from home or anywhere, for that matter. Now, which would you rather have? Franchise Opportunity vs. Carbon Copy Pro, the premier Internet Home Business for Retirees and Baby Boomers?

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Source by J Gary Dean