Franchise Opportunities Under 100K – U-Turn Vending is a Sweet Option

U-Turn Vending is one of the many franchise opportunities under 100K available. It stands in the ‘sweet’ category as a franchise for many reasons and is a fabulous opportunity particularly because it satisfies those impulse buying decisions we all make. The profit margin, and portability with U-turn is huge and is one of the best franchise opportunities under 100K and maybe the best. Let’s examine the reasons listed here a little more and crystallize my endorsement.

1. Fun! Do you like going to work because you hate what you do? Absolutely not. Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. What could be more fun than seeing people satisfy a craving for a quick snack.

2. Upscale! We’ve all seen vending machines at grocery stores, office buildings, car dealers etc. U-Turn offers some handsome machines that need no electricity and are easily portable if a location isn’t pulling a profit for you the franchisee.

3. Brand! U-Turn has a long standing reputation and list of successful franchisees that can speak to the potential financial rewards of this business.

4. Profits! Food costs, whether it be M&M’s cashews, trail mix, are so minimal which translates to great profit margins. Average food costs are estimated in the 10% range…very profitable!

5. Portability! Nobody likes your machine’s vending selections or it’s not profitable in a given location, then pick it up and move it to another location. You go to your customers which allows for flexibility in scheduling and a unique opportunity to structure and customize your business hours.

Five Stars! We have a winner in the franchise opportunities under 100k category. However, despite or because of this endorsement you should still choose to further investigate U-Turn Vending or any other franchise opportunity under 100K or not. Always remember that the key to your success is not the opportunity but the marketing of the opportunity.

Source by Ray Oswald