Franchise Opportunities Under 100K – Kona Ice is Leading the Way

Kona Ice is one of the many franchise opportunities under 100K available but it stands alone as a ‘fun’ franchise for many reasons and is a fabulous opportunity particularly in warm weather climates. Kona Ice, Inc was founded by Tony Lamb. He saw a need for an upscale, branded, ice cream truck. He has developed a delivery system and a concept that is unmatched in terms of fun, profit margin, and portability. Kona Ice, Inc. is one of the best franchise opportunities under 100K and maybe the best. Let’s examine the reasons listed here a little more and crystallize my endorsement.

1. Fun! Do you like going to work because you hate what you do? Absolutely not. Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. What could be more fun than serving shaved ice to children with happy faces.

2. Upscale! We’ve all seen the traditional ice cream truck in neighborhoods and at community events but I guarantee that Kona Ice has broken the mold on the traditional ice cream truck. The vehicle which comes with the franchise is the Mercedes Benz of ice cream trucks.

3. Branded! Tony has visions of creating way more than just a shaved ice truck-food service franchise. He envisions story books and possibly a television show geared for young children. The truck itself is uniquely branded but his ideas take the branding of Kona to a unique and creative level.

4. Profit Margin! Food costs with Kona Ice are so minimal which translates to great profit margins. Average food costs are estimated in the 6% range…very profitable!

5. Portability: Nobody wants to be stuck in a store all day especially when it’s a nice day. Kona Ice offers portability. You go to the customer which allows for flexibility in scheduling and a unique opportunity to structure and customize your business hours.

Extra! Extra! We have a winner in the franchise opportunities under 100k category. However, despite or because of this endorsement you should still choose to further investigate Kona Ice or any other franchise opportunity under 100K or not. Always remember that the key to your success is not the opportunity but the marketing of the opportunity.

Source by Ray Oswald