EmbroidMe Franchise Review

If you have considered owning a new franchise or business, you may have run across an EmbroidMe franchise. EmbroidMe is part of a family of successful franchises that include sign a rama, franchise mart, and billboard connection. Each is part of the United Franchise Group.

The United Franchise Group has 30 years of franchising experience which has grown the franchising giant into a $500 million dollar success story with more than 1450 franchise locations in 50 countries. They know franchising!

Franchising offers an excellent way to start a new business, especially in today’s economic climate. If you have the motivation, determination and work ethic, you can make a go of it in Franchising.

EmbroidMe Franchises offer corporate branding solutions and promotions. EmbroidMe provides embroidery and screen printing services for school spirit wear, uniforms, hats, caps, t-shirts, and more. They have partnered with brands like Hanes, Nike, Adidas, and Outerbanks to name a few. This type of partnering offers competitive pricing and excellent quality. There is also a market for customized T-Shirts. EmbroidMe also offers a high-tech solution with an online catalog that enables viewers to see their own personal image, displayed on what they are buying.

EmbroidMe me has a minimum investment of $44,000 and they offer financing assistance for the balance of the needed investment, as you may need as much as $200,000 to open your store and have some working capital.

What do you get from an EmbroidMe Franchise?

1. Brand names with competitive pricing. There is buying power in a franchise and with hundreds of stores nationwide; economies of scale come into play.

2. An aggressive Internet marketing plan that will offer you leads and exposure for your new business.

3. Professionally designed marketing material

4. Professionally designed stores with assistance in site selection.

5. Two Weeks Training in Florida and Two Weeks at your location with ongoing support.

Entrepreneur magazine’s #1 choice in their industry, EmbroidMe me looks to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and a high level of Franchisee.

In conclusion: EmbroidMe is headed by excellent management and has a strong network of franchises and franchisees. If you like the retail industry with direct sales added to it, this concept may be for you. Think about the investment amount and determine if you have the right amount of capital.

Source by Jerry Cantrell