Elur Pre-Launch Review – Business and Opportunity Review

Elur is a new multilevel marketing based business opportunity in the health and wellness industry that is currently about to enter its pre-launch phase May 15th of 2010. So is this a legitimate business opportunity? Here is your simple review.

Elur is a new multilevel marketing business opportunity with its headquarters located in Florida USA and is currently heading into its pre-launch phase. The products are all based around the maqui berry through three forms or products a nutritional drink, powder mix and of course a multivitamin supplement. The cost of starting this opportunity will come at an autoship of the products themselves that will be required monthly to continue the business and any rights to compensation from the retail sales and bonus commissions earned through the downline.

The compensation plan is very similar to many business opportunities in this industry in the fact that it is based around recruiting and autoships. There will be a retail commission earned through the difference of the wholesale price of the products and of the retail the individual sells each product for. The bonus level of course will be attained through a business or group volume of the individuals downline during a specific period of time. This business opportunity and compensation plan will require a large downline to create a truly substantial income.

Elur is a legitimate business opportunity with high quality products however, the health and wellness industry is highly saturated and the attrition rate is nearly 97% in the first year. These facts are usually due to poor sponsoring, lack of a complete training program for marketing and of course not completing your due diligence before joining an opportunity. This particular opportunity is about to enter its pre-launch phase and does seem however to have a solid structure that could see this business and some individuals into a prosperous future, but there have been many business opportunities that have come and gone and only time can truly tell. Those who have found at least some success in the health and wellness industry it has come through patience and the willingness to do the work involved.

Source by David James Boozer