Donut Making The Lost Art

I believe donut making is truly a lost art. I am hopeful! I can instill my passion of donut making upon you in its entirety. With the advent of premixes, poorly trained bakers, aging donut shops and frozen donuts I have noticed that yeast donut varieties are not their. Moreover most yeast donut recipes “especially on the net” are incomplete and untested recipes that taste like bread.

The bakers and donut makers of yesteryears that trained me would not appreciate me giving away secrets. That’s the way it is with bakers. They made every thing from scratch and guarded it well!

Essential ingredients batch with 80-qaurt mixers put into 55 gallon drums to last the week, a pre-mix as most bakers know it today.

After much research “on the net” one thing is very clear and confirmed what I knew from experience. The reluctant attitude of donut franchises and professionals willing to share their knowledge for they want you to need them! To sell you additional products or to up-sale you something, moreover their inability to properly train you to make quality yeast donuts is why there is no how- too videos or complete donut business references to assist you with additional business options. Only to sell you what they have with no options other than franchise information and pre-mixes at top dollar.

This is going to make a lot of people rethink their donut recipes they have purchased on the net, all honesty! I will start by saying not all people are dishonest when they feel good about a product. However some things can only be learned from experiencing, day to day batching and brewing techniques and implementing new skills learned or trained by an old-timer with experience.

My experience learned is this,

Would a gourmet chief prepare a chicken soup with no stock? Chances are he would not.

Chances are he would add base.

The number #1 reason most donut recipes and most donut shops produce lousy raised donuts. They ad no stock! What would be stock for raised donuts?


Brew will dramatically improve flavor, reduce fermentation times with consistency for Quality Raised Donuts

Brew is dough that has reached peak fermentation activity then refrigerated for the next days bake. Brew will dramatically improve flavor to all yeast donuts. Generally I like to save 3-5 pounds “use plastic bag” and refrigerate at peak fermentation activity approximately 30 minutes after mixing your dough.

The next day you can activate your brew by,

Use a container such as a five-gallon bucket and place last nights brew into it or you can place the brew on a rolling table and cover in plastic. About 1 hour later when active simply

Precut into 44 cubes and incorporate into dough when starting to ball in mixer.

Incorporate scrap in small amounts about 1 pound for every ten pounds will do.

●Finish mixing your dough, lightly flour and cover in plastic.

●Remember brew is now active dough and you may have to reduce yeast to new batch.

So there you have it! The next time you make donuts,

be creative, be creative, be creative and always look at your show case and wonder if you could have done it any better or sweeter. Have fun in the shop, enjoy listening to your customers, they will always appreciate your hard work by buying your donuts.

Source by Ed Chastain