Does the American Dream Exist?

What is the American Dream? “The American Dream refers to the freedom that allows all citizens and all residents of the United States to pursue their goals in life through hard work and free choice” The United States of America was founded on this dream of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

But what does that mean? When I hear the phrase American Dream, I imagine myself as a young teenager, living in impoverished conditions. I find a job with a corporation to help support my family. After years of working for the corporation, I climb the ladder and eventually find myself in the top management, providing a good life for my family. The Dream come true

Unfortunately, corporations no longer care for their people the way they used to. Retirement plans have changed and are now dependent on the stock market. And nobody I know stays with one company their entire career. So has the dream died? Or simply changed into something else. I still believe that the American dream is still alive. But rather than finding it in the security of a job, it exists for the entrepreneurs and small business owners of this country.

In today’s trying economic times, it can be difficult for some to see the possibilities and opportunities available to us today. Today, in America, there is a lack in the education of the American citizens. Most Americans today have ever received, or even had the opportunity to receive a financial or entrepreneurial education. Where you taught in school to balance a checkbook? Where you taught how to use credit cards? Did you learn how to evaluate investment opportunities? Or business opportunities? Do you know how to write a business plan? And how to implement it? Very few of us ever learned these things. And this lack of education has enslaved us.

American’s are slaves to their jobs and their debts and this prevents them from pursuing their goals. It limits the choices available to them. So what can you do to pursue the Dream? The biggest thing you can do is to pay off your debt. Cut the ties that bind you to the ruthless credit card companies. Find your passion and make a business of it. Educate yourself in business and finances. Don’t limit yourself to what the government or a boss say you can have. Fight for your dreams! Remember all hope is not lost. Now, more than ever, there is opportunity for entrepreneurs. With large corporations looking for bailouts everyday, the opportunity is there for Americans to make a better life for themselves. And that is what the American Dream is all about.

Source by Katherine Malone