Do You Live in Your Comfort Zone?

Our comfort zones are generally defined as doing the things we do with the folks we associate with on a regular basis. Everyone has a different comfort zone. When most people first start a network marketing business or home based business the first thing they do is keep doing the things that they have always done which usually involves non business related activities. Let me ask you this… if you keep doing what you’ve always done should you expect different results?

Many folks never get properly trained because their mind set has not shifted to the business owner mind set. The business owner mind set is different than the employee mind set. The business owner mind set requires folks to get out of their comfort zones and to begin doing things differently than what they’re used to doing.

Many of the folks you currently associate with are not business owners. They’re employees and have the employee mind set. Maybe they want to become business owners but don’t have the guts or drive to do what it takes to be a successful business owner because they refuse to get out of their comfort zones. There are people who call themselves business owners that aren’t truly business owners because they operate with the employee mind set within their comfort zones. When they fail to bring in money from their business it’s somehow the fault of everything and everyone around them. They will not take responsibility for their failure to get out of their comfort zone and do the things that they need to do to be successful.

Everyone of us has what it takes to be a super successful business owner if we will only choose to do the things that will make us successful. Those who you associate with are either supporting you or they’re not. They are either a positive influence or negative one. Most folks and it’s a sad thing…are negative. You can readily spot a negative person just by listening to what they say. Very few positive remarks will come from a negative person.

Negative people constantly talk about how bad everything is. They’re the victims of life. They offer excuse after excuse as to why they can’t do something. They’re always watching out for this or that because something or someone is always out to screw them over somehow. They repeat what they hear on the news and the news for the most part reports on everything negative. Just watch the news sometime. Its all about the bad economy, people losing their jobs, murders, rapes, robberies, traffic jams, road rage and on and on…why would anyone want to fill their mind with this nonsense? It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Network marketing and home based business owners often are surrounded by these negative people and as a result will get sucked into this negative sea of nonsense without even realizing it. It may be a tough choice to make but if you’re around negative people you’ll have to put some distance between yourself and them.

Negative people are in their comfort zones and that’s where they want you as well. When they see you succeeding where they have failed believe me they’re not happy campers because its a constant reminder of their failure. So what ends up happening in a lot of cases is these folks will try even harder to see you not succeed. Some do it intentionally while others don’t even realize they’re doing what they’re doing. It’s just human nature.

Sadly these are people you’ve probably been around all your life and are probably even family members. I’m not saying to banish your family and friends but to rather to recognize whether or not they are negative or positive and to adjust the amount of time you spend with the negative people. I personally use the 90-10 rule. 90% of my time is spent with the positive folks and 10% or less of my time is spent with the negative folks. Every super successful person does this. You will not soar with the eagles if you’re flocking with the pigeons.

Living out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable at first. Any new business venture is a learning experience. You must go through learned knowledge and then apply what you have learned and this is called activity knowledge. This cycle repeats over and over….learned knowledge/activity knowledge….learned knowledge/activity knowledge and the more this cycle repeats the better and sharper you get.

Here is a typical mistake that many unsuccessful business owners make….they try to go from learned knowledge directly to collecting checks. They attempt to skip the activity knowledge portion and they end up failing miserably because they have no clue as to what they’re doing. Don’t make this mistake.

First we plant or in other words we learn and study about what we’re going to do. Second we cultivate or in other words we do what we need to do we apply what we have learned. Thirdly we harvest or in other words we experience the benefits…we collect the checks.

We learn about our business from the leaders in our business. Don’t take advice from broke people or learn from non leaders in your business. Only take advice and learn from those who are successful.

Then we do the activity which is moving product or selling product or whatever it is that your business requires. For some its giving away products, for some its offering a service…etc.. and we build a team. We bring others into the business and teach them or train them to do what we do and that’s how we leverage our time, money and efforts.

Then lastly we reap the benefits of the first two activities. We get compensated in accordance with the companies compensation plan.

Unsuccessful business owners attempt to go from learned knowledge to reaping the benefits of the compensation plan. They don’t want to do the work of moving products and services or do any prospecting to build a team or do any type of training with the new folks that they may manage to bring in the business.

Got news for you….it doesn’t work that way in any business model currently in existence. If you attempt to do this you will fail every single time. Yet we have folks getting into home based businesses and network marketing businesses and attempting to do this very thing. They are looking for the quantum leap and approach their business with a lottery type of mind set. People who play the lottery skip step two..just so you know…..they attempt to go from step one to step three and as we know most folks will never win the big lottery!

I want you to see how silly this thought process really is…I’m going to lay out an example for you…here it goes.

I just bought a McDonald’s Franchise. I put out about 100k of my own money and then financed about 150-200k. I took the time to learn all about the business operation and now I sit back and wait for the cash to come flooding in. Yea buddy…I’m on it…30 days goes by and guess what…no money? Imagine that. But I learned all about the business…I now decide that this McDonald’s franchise stuff doesn’t work…. I label it as a total scam and I now move into blame mode…I blame everything and everyone for my lack of success.

Sounds pretty silly doesn’t it? It sounds really silly because we all know that McDonald’s franchises are the most successful in the world. The McDonald’s franchise owner doesn’t skip the second step which is the activity that must take place for profits to be made. The McDonald’s business owner hires employees to leverage their time, money and efforts through and then they train those employees to do a job then they sell all the fast food they can while they are open, some never shut down they are 24/7 operations. Now comes the harvest….everyone gets paid…the franchise owner gets paid last of course after he or she pays all the bills and all the employees.

Doing the activity which is the second step in the three step process and is called getting out of your comfort zone. You must get out of your old comfort zone ( the employee mind set) and create a new business oriented activity based comfort zone or mind set and live there if you plan on being super successful. Your network marketing home based business operates virtually the same in many ways as the McDonald’s franchise business operates.

Source by Richard P Ward