Disaster Kleenup Franchise Review – DKI Franchise Facts

Nowadays, there are many alternatives available to start your own businesses. Many companies sell their franchises to carry your own business with the brand name of the company. One of such companies is Disaster Kleenup Int’l (DKI). It is the largest disaster restoration contracting organization situated in North America. This Disaster Kleenup Int’l. (DKI) Franchise review will help you evaluate this business.

Background: Disaster Kleenup Int’l (DKI) was founded in 1974 by the group of contractors working for disaster restorations to get benefits of collaborative business and their network. Today, (DKI) has established a large network and good reputation for high quality restoration services across United States as well as Canada. Its headquarters are in suburban Chicago. Since 1994 it has been offering franchises and currently, it has over 400 service centers/ franchises in United States. The clients of the company includes insurance, commercial and residential clients. They offer range of services such as water damage mitigation, emergency response, complete reconstruction, mold remediation, fire and contents cleaning and many more. All these services are offered for 24 hours and 365 days in a year. Disaster Kleenup Int’l. (DKI) Franchise restores damaged property to its earlier form quickly and efficiently. Through its valuable and quality services, it is delivering complete satisfaction to their clients. It has earned ranking 32 as a low cost franchise and 83 as a fastest growing franchise in 2011.

Benefits Of the franchise: DKI is a renowned company in the business of restoration of properties for several decades. It a low cost business opportunity for individuals who want to start new business as well as if you have existing contractor business, joining this company as a franchisee will flourish your business.

· As a franchisee, you will get many cost saving facilities through DKI cooperative purchasing program.

· The network of DKI is widespread and has huge client base of property managers, insurance companies, multi-family housing companies, hotel chains and end user market. You can expand your business successfully through this solid customer base.

· You can learn a lot from the network forums and peers effectively.

· DKI provides educational and training programs for the franchises. In addition ongoing support is given through meetings, conferences etc.

· You can rely on the resources of other DKI members for handling the tasks, damages or property losses without worrying about volume / size.

· You can handle your business with the affiliation of national organization in the industry. It makes difference.

· DKI provides latest technologies and solutions in the business. It also offers marketing support through national media, regional marketing etc.

Investments for Disaster Kleenup Int’l. (DKI) Franchise: DKI is one of the low investment business opportunities in the market. Its franchise fee is $15,750 to $40,000. The ongoing royalty fee varies from $575 to $1980 per month. The agreement is for two years and is renewable. The total investment for DKI franchise ranges from $17,895 to $118,250.

DKI, is a legitimate business with long term viable options for a person interested in establishing a long term business. As with any business, make sure you do your due diligence and research prior to making a decision if it is right for you.

Source by Joshua Valentine