Direct Sale Network Marketing Opportunities and the Plump Chicken

In the 1950’s it was not uncommon to shop for live poultry; we were more of an agrarian society than we find ourselves now in the 21st century. Most towns and cities had at least one shop keeper where one could trade for such a commodity. All sorts of fowl were stored in wooden cages and stacked helter skelter throughout the shop. These shops were very easy to find, especially if you happened to be down wind.

The prospective buyers would carefully examine what they considered a prime candidate for their supper. Poking, prodding, lifting feathers, observing the thighs and wings and looking the bird in the eyes; possibly myopic birds were culled from the short list. After being ‘processed’ by the shop keeper, the happy customer would return home with a nicely butcher paper wrapped package.

So what is the correlation between direct sales network marketing opportunities and a chicken? Quite a bit. The Internet is rife with at home, on-line, MLM, network marketing and dozens of money making deals. So how does one pick and choose the right one?

The prospective entrepreneur must first be honest with him or her self. Realizing get-rich-quick schemes are just that, schemes. An initial investment of a few dollars to make millions is a long shot if not totally misleading. Several questions must be answered before one ventures forth:

1. Am I ready to run a real business?

2. What are my long term goals and objectives for starting this business?

3. How will it affect my life?and that of my family

4. Am I ready and capable of financing this venture?

5. How much start up capital will I require?

6. What will be my on-going expenses?

7. Does the product and or service make sense?

8. Who will I be working with?

9. What is their history and background?

10. Is there room for me in this business?

11. How long will it take for me to turn a profit?

These are just a few questions at-home entrepreneurs must ask, just like the lady who carefully examined and picked that prime bird. As the economy seems to remain stagnant, more and more people are looking for on-line business opportunities. How will you position yourself to take advantage of this exploding and exciting way of transacting business?

The title “direct sales network marketing and the plump chicken” may sound a bit odd but the moral is this, don’t allow yourselves to be plucked clean and then cooked. Be careful, ask questions, and listen to your point of contact. Are you being hard sold or are you simply being presented with the facts regarding the opportunity. No pressure from your contact equates the opportunity has a much better chance of being legitimate.

Source by Byron Whartnaby