Decorating Den Interiors Franchise Review

Today, we live in an era of competition. Many people are thinking of a way for making money. Different franchises are claiming to offer business that will fulfill your ambitions while giving good returns on your investments. If you are seeking business opportunities, then this Decorating Den Interiors Franchise Review will help you decide whether it is right option for you.

History: Steve Bursten founded Decorating Den Interiors in 1969 to offer interior decorating services to individuals and working couples who did not find the time to buy home needs on their own. Nowadays, Decorating Den Interiors Franchises work with custom-designed vans and serve customers with wall coverings, carpet, furniture and drapery at their home or office. They help the customer to choose different things from quality collections of artwork, to furniture and drapery. All Decorating Den Interiors Franchisees go through initial 80 hours of comprehensive training, which is held at University of Decorating Den Lifestyle. After this, it involves, 6 months of on-job training, classroom work, meetings, home study, and seminars.

Investments needed to start the franchise business.

Total Investment:$40,351 to $46,184

Initial Franchise Fee: $29,900

Advertising Fee: N/A

Royalty Fee: 7 to 9%

Term of Agreement: 10 years

Benefits: with a surprisingly low investment, you can start building wealth with your own Decorating Franchise. As a franchise owner, you will get different benefits including:

  • Be your own boss
  • Flexible working hours
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Creative independence
  • Pride in ownership
  • Control your own destiny
  • Home based business
  • No corporate glass ceilings

Decorating Den Interiors Franchise offers the probable franchise owner the chance to buy wholesale products with over 100 selected suppliers. Due to the power of a multi-million dollar group buying, a franchise owner can take benefit of structured Preferred Supplier Network, which supports the franchisee while enabling them to invest their time for enrolling in activities that will help to generate revenue.

Is This Business opportunity for you?

Today, in a greatly varying job market, it is really hard to be sure about long-term security. Many people are thinking about starting their own businesses. Before you consider starting a Decorating Den Interiors Franchise business, you must know about your interests and passion. If you are passionate about decorating houses while earning good amount of money, then you can think about this business. If you are self motivated and well-disciplined with strong desire to own your own business, then you can think about this franchise option with flexibility and control over your career.

Definitely, there is strong support and good name of Decorating Den Interiors Franchise business with you. However, you need to do hard work to succeed in the business. It is essential to make sure you thoroughly research this business. You should think about your skills, ambitions and capabilities.

Source by Joshua Valentine