Ceres Living Business Opportunity Review

Ceres Living began in 2009 and was created by its parent company NeoStem and is under the guidance of CEO Richard Anzalone. The company is multilevel marketing business opportunity based in the health and wellness industry with its major product focus being on the cellular level through stem cell research. So what is the business opportunity part of all this research for you?

The main product of Ceres Living is in the AOI supplements that focus directly on the support for ones immune system. Through research in adult human stem cells, this product could be an easier product to market with so many individuals wondering about the cost of health care in this country, the cost of this product could help reduce that future cost of doctor visits with regular use. The company is up and coming in the direct and or, network marketing opportunity industry with such quality products.

The compensation plan is quiet similar to other industry leaders in the health and wellness industry as you will see. There are 8 ways to make money through Ceres Living which are the following:

– Direct sales
– Discount club
– Preferred customer order bonus
– Sales team commission
– General matching bonus
– Leadership bonus
– Initial order bonus
– Worldwide bonus pool

Many companies in the health and wellness industry have moved away from the older and more complicated ways of compensation plans and this company has done the same. Of course marketing will be based at first in retail sales and one will only need to purchase what products they will want to sell and the amount of product they are will to keep in stock, this is also something that has changed with the industry. Marketing your products has not changed however. Marketing these products in ones warm market, meaning friends, family and neighbors will be a must.

Learning to effectively market online, following the guidelines of Ceres, could help boost ones sales and team building in a faster manner. With the saturation of the health and wellness industry as high as it is, learning quality Internet marketing skills will be a must for the individual who decides to partake in this opportunity. The products are of good quality and the compensation plan is a less complicated plan that many in the industry are turning to. Still, you will need to build your business by creating other independent business owners through network marketing and for this reason alone one would need to harness the power of the Internet.

Overall Ceres Living is a legitimate business opportunity and a reasonable price for most to take advantage of. This business opportunity however will require mass recruiting through ones warm market to begin with which can be a difficult and daunting task.

Source by David James Boozer