Carpet Cleaning Marketing – Tips For Marketing Your Carpet Cleaning Service Or Business

I have just put together a few ideas for marketing your Carpet Cleaning Business that you may find useful. You may be implementing them already and this may just serve as a reminder to keep doing what you’re doing or you might see something that you haven’t tried before.

Fridge Magnets

Every residence or workplace you clean carpets in will have a fridge situated where people walk past several times a day. Visitors, neighbours, relatives to a residence, employees and customers at a work place. Make sure it has on it your company name, a slick slogan and your contact details. Make it bright to ensure it will stand out and it will act as a reminder of your services many times throughout the day. You can get bright, quality designs at Vista Print at a very reasonable price or search the web for the best deals available.

Door Hangers

Get Door Hangers printed, again with your company design and contact details. Have them printed to say something like “Hi, my name is Joe Bloggs from ABC Carpet Cleaning and we were in the area cleaning carpets for your neighbour, for a free quotation call 1234567890”.

When you complete a job and just when you’ve packed everything into the van, do a quick run around on the houses in the neighbourhood, say five either side of the house you’ve just cleaned and ten across the road and hang them on their door handles. You will get these printed up at a reasonable price too, they’re like the “do not disturb signs ” you see in hotels. Make sure they’re waterproof though!

Do a Deal with your client

Everyone loves to get a deal and feel like they’ve had a bargain. If you’ve given a quotation and the prospect is unsure about the price, offer an incentive. Offer them a 25% discount on the price if they can arrange for you to clean the carpets in a neighbour’s house on the same day.

And why stop there! Give them 50% if they get you two houses in the neighbourhood! Can you see where this is going? They can get the carpets cleaned in their house for FREE if they get you four houses in the neighbourhood on the same day. Everyone likes a bargain but they love to get something for free. It’s not going to cost you anything, you’re in the neighbourhood anyway and you’re saving on fuel and time that you would have spent packing and unpacking the van not to mention travel time. Get your customers to work for you!

Have a Coffee!

If a customer offers you a coffee or a drink (non-alcoholic of course!) while you’re cleaning their carpets, stop whatever you’re doing and join them. Sit down and chat with them, let them get to know you and visa versa. Let them know what a nice, reliable, obliging person you are and don’t be in any rush to finish. When you go back to work, the customer will feel like they know you a little better and may be more inclined to recommend you to others. People love to be able to make recommendations to their friends, neighbours and colleagues and there is nothing that sells like a personal recommendation.

Source by Shaun Bruen