Can Whole Body CryoTherapy Help Athletes Achieve Faster Recovery After Extreme Workouts?

How Can Standing In a Whole Body CyroTherapy Sauna Freezing My Butt Off for 3-minutes Help Improve My Recovery Time After Competition Or Extreme Work Outs?

Ha ha ha, well, we want to thank our future customer and local semi-pro athlete for asking this question and well, also for putting it so bluntly. Suffice it to say, your buttocks will still be there after a 3-minute session. And, if you have a ‘pain in the butt’ it probably be all but gone after you get out of the Whole Body CryoTherapy sauna. Here is why.

After a maximum athletic effort, whether it be a marathon,50K trail run, cycling a century (100-miles), triathlon, or hell week football training your body’s muscles are sore from micro-tears. Your body sends in help in the form of nutrients (amino acids and muscle building molecules) and pro-inflammatory support. Your body’s anti-inflammatory mechanism cannot keep up, and it will take a while to heal.

Unfortunately, if you are too sore to move, the chances of continuing to reinforce your new athletic plateau of performance with another workout is unsustainable. Besides most of the healing is done in the first hour after the maximum effort (this is why protein drinks are recommended directly after a workout) and then within 24-48 hours. You can’t just sit on your “toushy buns” (butt) for a whole week lest you lose all that you’ve gained. Best to get to the CryoTherapy Sauna, alleviate the pain so you can go at it hard again. Don’t be a chicken, it’s only 3-minutes.

And mind you, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy the benefits of shorter recovery times. Anyone who pushes their limits feels the same pain and thus incurs the same challenges. In fact, the only way to break through to the next level of your fitness requires consistency and a little pain. Using a CryoTherpay sauna helps you reduce that pain, so you get “more pain for less gain” – just sayin’

Is There Any Proof That Whole Body Cryo Helps Shorten Recovery Time For Work Outs And Training?

Well, we always like to say, come see for yourself, but if you want empirical evidence, and want to know if there are such research studies available, they are numerous. We all know that an ice bath of 30-minutes helps marathoners, football players, boxers, cyclists and track stars recover faster, and we know that CryoTherapy session of 3-minutes does essentially the same thing in a different way, and the cost is about the same by the time you buy bags of ice to cool the temperature down low enough in a tub to actually help you.

Okay, But How Does This Actually Work?

CryoTherapy decreases levels of creatine kinase well below that of passive recovery, which helps repair muscle fiber, thus, adding to recovery with just one session. Studies also showed a decrease in inflammatory cytokines while showing an increase in anti-flammatory cytokines compared to those who merely roughed it out. These studies were done by measuring the markers of inflammation flood into the system.

Coming in and enjoy a CryoTherapy Saund within 24-48 hours of an extreme athletic activity — one where your muscles are sore from micro tears and have damage — to alleviate pain, speed up recovery, and allow you to go back and do it again. The ability to tear down and build up repeating the cycle faster than you could ever do by simply going for a passive recovery means you become stronger, faster and better at all you do.

Source by Lance Winslow