Business to Business Franchises – 5 Compelling Reasons to Own One

Those who possess good selling skills, enjoy building meaningful and productive relationships, and the challenge of interacting with fellow business owners and managers, rather than consumers, will find some excellent opportunities worth investigating in the Business To Business franchise category.  

There are B2B franchise businesses out there that cover the full spectrum in terms of variety, such as property damage and restoration, business cleaning and janitorial services, printing, management and training, consulting, direct marketing, and employment and personnel services, just to name a few. So, you’re open to several different options, whether you have background in a white collar or a blue collar industry. B2B franchises offer several advantages and nice benefits, some of which I would like to discuss.  

Develop Stronger Business Relationships. Those who pride themselves in possessing excellent “people” skills are at a major advantage when dealing with like-minded business clients.  Your success rate escalates by utilizing your natural ability to see your customers as real people, instead of treating them as just a profit source. If you come from the corporate world, you will transition nicely into a B2B operation because of your strong background and experience in dealing with professionals.  

Home Based. If you enjoy the idea of conducting business from a home based office, rather than a traditional brick and mortar outlet, this is ideal. Most B2B’s are operated from a home office, calling potential clients to set up meetings at their place of business. 

Limited And Controlled Business Hours. You’re doing the majority of your business during family friendly, “normal”, business hours. You enjoy a nice balance of work and family life. Compare that to a typical retail operation, like a convenience store, which could be open 18-24 hours a day, or a restaurant, which does the majority of its business on weekends.  

Some Business to Business franchises feature guaranteed, immediate payment directly from insurance companies. Have you ever considered industries in which the franchise business is compensated directly from an insurance company? What about floods and fires that businesses experience? You are assured immediate payment by the insurance company to clean up the water damage or rebuild after a fire and these repairs are imminent. Property damage results in thousands of claims each year. It’s a huge industry that is a necessity business and truly recession resistant with high profit margins.  

No Industry Experience Required. All of the product or service training you need is provided by the franchisor. The major assets you need to provide are the strong belief in the overall concept, and, of course, the intense desire to succeed.  

Business to business franchises are becoming increasingly popular, not only as a result of the above benefits, but also because more businesses today are choosing to focus their energies on their core strengths.  They are willing to outsource for the expertise of the service provider, making B2B a very lucrative franchise option.

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Source by Cory Barber