Business Opportunity – How Network Marketers Can Gain More Using Online Networking Communities

Do you want to work your business opportunity in a networking community?

Imagine a community where well over 80% of its members are working their network marketing business opportunity. You would expect that such a community is used by most to exchange their ideas and give each other tips on various questions relating to how to build relationships and to improve their respective businesses.

I recently joined such a community and was overrun by an avalanche of people who asked me to look at their business opportunity to see whether I like it and whether I would be interested in joining. Very few people were really spot-on. I will tell you what I mean by that in a minute.

Why are most community-members not paying attention to finding out what newcomers really need? As a newcomer, you quickly sense the desperation caused by people’s urge to introduce newcomers to their business opportunity even before establishing trust and credibility.

We know that we can only harvest what we sowed.

Imagine you are new to such a community. I can not expect to earn credibility and your trust when I don’t pay attention to what you really need. Especially not when I first fire my opportunity at you. Yet, doing it this way still catches people’s curiosity. The question is whether you need curious or greedy people who continue to also lie in wait for the next best network marketing opportunities. I’m sure that you would rather want to have a handful of quality people in your business. That’s people who trust you and whom you can trust and help building their business and yours.

Also, with few quality people, you will be able to make much better use of your time to strengthen or stabilize your business. By that I mean helping those few quality people to run their own business in confidence or knowing why they do what they do and how they do it. Some argue that this limits your income potential. It doesn’t. When these few people run their business, you will have more time to go find and add one or two new quality people to your business and help them getting into profit.

Another thing that puzzles not only me is this: Imagine people involved in network marketing decide to join such a networking community. It won’t take long until they feel that the constant onslaught of messages advertising one business opportunity after the other is giving them no value. It comes worse still. When you already work an online business opportunity where you need leads, what good is a second or third business opportunity where you also need leads?

You probably seek a solution rather than yet another business opportunity.

A solution could be a guide on how to build a web site, tax tips to consider when setting up your own business and so forth. And that is where the few spot-on people come in. They did not ask for my business opportunity and they did not sell me on theirs but, they asked what type of help I need with my business. Who do you think I am trusting more? The many others with their respective business opportunity or the few special and helpful ones?

If you were one of these few people who are respected and trusted, your recommendations of helpful services or products will likely be paid attention. And a good few people would even go ahead and buy what you recommended. That’s your affiliate revenue, generated by you being honest and helpful while building trust and credibility at the same time. And there is nothing wrong with pepping up your income with affiliate revenues, is there?

In that sense, it goes to show that you can work an additional affiliate business opportunity in a network marketing community while still working your own business opportunity. If you can help others and earn their trust, why not? It really can be a good addition to your network marketing income. Don’t you think so?

Source by Frank Osterloh