Business Coaching From Successful Internet Marketers

95% of entrepreneurs fail with 60 days. This statistic is even more true as it pertains to Internet Marketing. When I first started out online, I struggled badly to weed through the garbage in order to find what worked and what didn’t work. It wasn’t long before I found out that I needed to be selling an actual product, instead of joining a program that promised me the moon. After wasting hundreds of dollars online I decided to give selling my own products a shot. The problem was I didn’t have my own products to sell, and had no clue how to create them. This is when I learned about affiliate marketing

Learning that I could promote OTHER people’s products was how I got my kick start online. I made about 100 bucks a week promoting affiliate products online, but I was still losing money trying to advertise…At this point I had tasted for my self that making money online was possible, but I needed information that I couldn’t find through Google…

This is when I hired my own personal coach. I paid him $2,500 to teach me 5 lessons on affiliate marketing and even though he took my money, and gave me what I would see now as “chicken scraps”…It was the best $2,500 I ever spent! I was given exactly enough information to run with my new online career and the following month I was able to bring in $450 a week, and spend less on advertising.

Through the years I’ve gained so much experience. Every time I’ve come to a brick wall, I have sought out the expertise of those who’ve gone before me, and it was the right decision every time.

My goal is to encourage those who feel as though they have “hit a brick wall” online to seek out professional, affordable help. The money you spend on a quality coach will actually save you a ton in the long run by keeping you from wasting your money on junk, and downright bad scams. After about a year online, I took things a step further than coaching. I became active in many marketing forums and sought out a partner who works with me full time. We share our knowledge and between the two of us we get a LOT more work done together than we ever could apart.

I have expertise in some areas, and he has his in other areas that I lack experience in. With both of us working side by side there is not much we can’t accomplish. Two are truly better than one. So first I would recommend seeking professional help. Even if it gets you one step further in the right direction, its worth it. Then after you’ve built your own skills, I would recommend reaching out to help other newbies in different marketing forums and looking around for others who do the same for a partner you think you will mesh well with.

I’m telling you that this is the fastest way to success online…While I stated that 95% of all entrepreneurs fail within 60 days…I can tell you that 100% of the ones who fail, fail because they are working at it all alone!

Source by Brian Owens