Briargate Colorado – A Great Place to Raise a Family

Colorado has good opportunity, and it seems to be a decent place to live if one picks the right city to live in. So, let’s talk about the Briargate Area, it’s near Focus on the Family and just North of Colorado Springs. There are many large corporations to work at near there, and it is close to the USAF Academy.

That entire area has experienced a lot of growth, it’s amazing really, there used to be nothing there, as you drove down I-25 from Castle Rock, Colorado. Before retirement I had gotten to know the area well; in fact our company, a cleaning franchise, had franchisees with many accounts in Colorado Springs, we washed for Long Auto Dealerships, did concrete cleaning at the Olympic Village, washed race trucks for the Pikes Peak Race, washed cars at HP, Compaq Computers, Cray Computers, Pioneer Rock and Sand, Penske Leasing, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Embry Riddle Aviation, etc, etc.

Even during the recessionary downturns there was money flowing there. Of course, Colorado Springs has four seasons, so you have to like that, and it might be tough on a born and raised Floridian. In Colorado Springs they throw sand on the roads in winter, totally messy, good for the car wash business!

This area has rolling hills, sometimes windy there. The people are great, really family types, I believe due to the conservative attitude, Christian influence and the military base, so it would be a good place to keep your teenage sons and daughters out of trouble, I suppose, and yes that is something that a parent of that area would probably convey. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow