Body Language and Love: The Silent Connection

What is the connection between body language and love? Can you tell how someone feels by their body language? And can you show someone how you feel through yours? Communication between two people is a complex process that involves all our senses. Don’t just use conversation to show a guy you care, or to figure out whether he cares for you. Body language and love have an amazing connection and power. Take a look at how you can use this connection in your own life:

Posture and body position.

Just the way you hold your body when you’re around the one you love says a lot. Your body tends to lean in toward the other person. Your body space diminishes. While you may normally have a large body comfort zone, you can’t get close enough to someone you love. And when there is anger or hurt between partners, the surest sign is found in the sudden distance between their two bodies. People in love even unconsciously mimic each others’ body position; e.g., crossing their legs in the same direction or touching their face at the same time. The connection between body language and love is found in every line of your body when you are with the man you love.


A touch between two lovers can be as light as a brush of fingers against a cheek, or it can be as passionate as the deepest kiss. Your earliest love connection is found in your sense of touch. Before your other senses even fully developed, you recognized and craved your parents’ gentle touch. Too often, adults forget to touch except when their touching has a sexual intent — too bad. Recent research has found that the more you kiss your partner, the more intimate you feel. The connection between body language and love is found in each touch that passes between you and the man you love.

Eye contact.

If you really want to know what someone is feeling, just look into his eyes. The expression in a person’s eyes and the amount of eye contact he displays provide universal emotional clues. The more casual a relationship, the less people look into each others’ eyes, and, conversely, the more deeply and lengthily you look at someone eye to eye, the deeper the undercurrent of emotion that lies between you. The connection between body language and love is found in the deep concentration of the loving gazes you exchange with the man you love.

Facial expression.

In addition to your eyes, the rest of your face also speaks to that silent connection between you. Your smile, in particular, conveys the warmth you feel when in a loved one’s presence. A happy expression is also relaxed and looser, without frown lines and pinched lips. We have all heard the expression: “Her face lighted up when he walked in the room.” If you’ve ever seen it happen, you know that it’s true. Maybe it’s all the endorphins your body releases when you’re around someone you’re attracted to, but your face does seem to glow. The connection between body language and love is found in the beaming and relaxed face of the man you love.

Now that you understand how body language communicates love, be more aware of what your own body is saying. The silent connection between body language and love creates powerful opportunities for true communication with the ones you love.

Source by Tina L. Jones