Blake’s Lotaburger – Franchise Review

The first ever Blake’s Lotaburger was opened in Albuquerque more than fifty years ago by Blake Chanslor a Texas native who relocated to Albuquerque after the 2nd World War. Commonly referred to by various names, such as; Lotaburger, or Blake’s, the first Blake’s Lotaburger was up and running in 1952. It has many locations existing mainly in New Mexico and as of 2009 there were more than 76 stores spanning across different cities with Albuquerque containing a majority of them.

Blake’s Lotaburger is distinguished by its introduction of green chilies to the hamburger and has been acclaimed by National Geographic as the best green chile cheeseburger in the world. A lot of attention has been given to Blake’s for its cheeseburger now named the Lotaburger as a trademark selling point. Apart from the green chile, there is also Blake’s special green or red sauce for those who want another flavor.

There are various foods served at Blake’s Lotaburger besides burgers; from a variety of sandwiches ranging from chicken to turkey breast to barbecue beef and even halibut. There are even Hot dogs, corn dogs, chili dogs, chili bowls and chili pie. If you are an early riser, there are those Blake’s Lotaburgers that offer a breakfast menu ranging from eggs tobreakfast burritos.

If you have a function and fancy Blake’s menu for the meals, they offer onsite catering for events with a full menu that comes with a variety of foods from fruit platters, to almost anything that you prefer.

All of the Blake’s Lotaburger stores are company owned and have a construction division that handles the task of building the franchise stores. Blake’s also owns and manages the operation of its sheet metal shop, refrigeration shop, vehicle shop, cabinet shop, maintenance fleet as well as a commissary.

This gives Blake’s the liberty to custom make its own fast food shops. Blake’s Lotaburger shops therefore have a trademark red and white color scheme and seating areas outdoors with umbrellas striped red and white. Each store has a “Blake’s man” holding up a sign with Blake’s name. Some of the older Lotaburgers were walk-ups but most had an inside seating area. The newer design Lotaburgers have a drive through.

Chanslor did not remain the owner, in 2003, he sold his interests in the franchise to Brian Rule. The franchise was started up in 1952 with an initial investment of $ 5,300. Blake’s Lotaburger is regarded as the best chain burger restaurant in New Mexico and appears in New Mexico’s tourism information guide as the best place to get cheeseburgers.

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Source by Thomas E White