Big Ticket to Wealth Online Business Review

Big Ticket to Wealth is a brand new program designed to do one thing – make its members wealthy. Big Ticket To Wealth was founded by network marketing guru Gerald Van Yerxa and became available online in early December 2007. The program was designed and developed by master internet marketers and programmers. Needless to say they are right on top of today’s Internet marketing trends. Big Ticket to Wealth also brings to the table a number of proprietary marketing products with full re-sale rights.

Big Ticket To Wealth is a legitimate business opportunity that has a solid foundation of ownership, products, and compensation plan. The unique system is 98% automated, therefore removing the need for members to sell, make cold calls or convince prospects themselves – the system does all the hard work for you. However, for the system to be effective you must be prepared to work promoting your site.

Members of Big Ticket To Wealth have full re-sale rights to a host of internet marketing publications, software and Flash Video products produced to benefit many industries, with the added benefit of 100% profit from the sale of these products. Included in the membership is a private library of cutting-edge internet software, instruction manuals for making money online, as well as several other business tools that help you master internet marketing. The products are worth thousands of dollars.

The pay system for Big Ticket To Wealth is relatively simple. The company also offers industry-first matching override commission, which is powerful motivation for members to properly train and help their team. There are other Online Wealth Creation systems that also pay large commissions, but they usually work with a ‘passing up’ system, where your first one or two sales are credited to your sponsor, and not to you.

Memberships are offered on three levels – National, Executive and Presidential. The number of products available to members as well as commission dollar amounts are determined by the membership level. A new member enrolled at a lower level has thirty days to upgrade to a higher-paying membership. Depending on the products the new member purchases you will make as much as $900 per new member.

The drawback to the Big Ticket To Wealth online business opportunity is that it is a high ticket program. Not everyone will be willing to pay a minimum of $797, plus the monthly recurring fee of $75. Due to the fact that the products are available for instant download once you become a member, there are no refunds.

Big Ticket to Wealth is the top rated and most cash lucrative home based business opportunity on the internet to date. The company provides its members the opportunity to earn a substantial income and products to meet the needs of several industries. Big Ticket to Wealth is set to be one of the biggest online money making opportunities of all time and is the logical choice for those looking to make thousands of dollars per day from home online.

Source by Sabrina Lowder