Bearn Sterns, Something That Is Becoming The Norm For America’s Threatened Workforce

The Headline of the New York Times Front Page reads

Fears That Bear Stearns’s Downfall May Spread –

This announcement is adorning the headlines of the New York Times right now.

The point is that things aren’t going to get any better. And I’m sorry but we cannot blame this one on George Bush nor can we be so naive as to think that the next President will change the economy and stop the entire downsizing and lay offs.

Your position; whether you’re a blue-collar assembly line worker or a CFO at the Bank of America is never secure. No one is safe in America that works for an employer.

I’m not trying to be all-negative here either, but I feel strongly that the people of the US deserve to have better than their futures resting in someone else’s hands.

The only solution to this dilemma is one that requires you to do something you probability have never done before. The good news is that it’s much easier than you would think. Really, it is, but first another horror story.

My friend Gino made some great money in a former business venture and decided that he was going to invest in a sandwich shop franchise. This is a chain that has well over 1000 units in the US alone. The first thing that Gino had to do was cough up $275,000, his life savings and that was just to open the doors up. After that he worked 13 hour days for 6 days a week for two years before he made a dime.

Then finally he was able to generate a whopping salary of $60,000 his third year of owning his own business. The his company decided it would be a great idea to run a special for $2 to get a typical $5-6 product.

This promotion put Gino back into the red and he started to loose money like there was no tomorrow.

All this to really end up buying himself a crappy job..

SO what kind of a business can give you a better return and get you into a comfortable 100-300K per year bracket your first year,

What business would you be able to generate this kind of an income with less than $10,000 in investment?

I have to tell you that it really is something that sounds too good to be true but in reality it is not only true, it is blowing the lids of peoples lifestyles, in a good way.

There are countless testimonials from friends that I have heard that now have a home office that they work out of when they want to work, not when the boss expects them to, or when the business has to open for lunch like poor Gino.

The truth is that you can get started for under $5000 with a business that is converting at a rate as high as 25% on the back end.

This is unheard of in the network marketing business and certainly is something that many millionaires are taking notice of and joining in droves.

I can tell you that people are not aware of all the opportunity that comes with having a home based business.

For instance if you were to lose on paper 50k your first year of being in business you would get a deduction in that amount from your taxes paid.

The fact is that you get taxed on profit not on sales. Everything that you own becomes part of your business expense. Just think your auto, your phone, a portion of your rent, your electric or gas are all tax deductible.

Did you know that you can even deduct your kids college tuition from the business?

Well not exactly but, if you were to hire your college student son and pay him a salary that is the equivalent of his or her tuition than you would be able to deduct the salary from your income.

How about your parents? If you have a mom or Dad that needs money and is too proud to take it, then put them on payroll, and have them do something very menial then deduct every dollar you paid them in “salary”. They will feel better about taking it from you as well.

I have about 10 more pages about the benefits of the owning a home business namely being able to make over 100K per MONTH!

Please don’t put your future in your company with all the uncertainty that is around us, in these unstable economic times.

I can tell you from experience that this business is recession proof, in fact I am busiest when the economy is in the gutter.

Source by David Bateman