Balancing Work Life

However there is much more to life than hard work. No one whilst on their deathbed wishes that they spent more time at work. Living a satisfying and meaningful life obviously involves making time for secular work but more importantly for family, recreation and other important pursuits.

Chronic overworking has being linked to obesity, alcoholism, heart disease, workplace accidents, drug dependency, anxiety, fatigue, depression and many other stress related disorders. Overwork can also be deadly! A report estimated that in Japan about 10,000 people die annually from overwork, as many die in automotive accidents in that country each year. The Japanese have labeled this as “karoshi” or “death from overwork”.

Some have the view that we should work to live, not live to work. Balancing work with rest and leisure will enable you to care for the needs of your family. Nevertheless this is not easy when you have bills to pay.

These days many families are over scheduled and under connected. Work gets most of parents energies and children get what is left. In the United States poll, 1 in 5 teenagers rated not having enough time with parents as their top concern. Another U.S. study reported that on average, dual-income couples talk to each other only 12 minutes a day.

After being fed up with pressures at work, many individuals are re-evaluating their priorities and making changes. Stressed from overtime work, working weekends, hardly seeing one another, contributes to relationship pressure.

Of course some families have a hard fight just trying to cover monthly expenses. Many spouses hold down two jobs just to get by or both spouses are working leaving children with grandparents or child minders.

If you are in a position to balance your work, recreation and family needs then you will discover rich rewards. Working in the right environment, having the right mindset and the right business system can ultimately help you to rediscover a new lifestyle. Many have turned to home business as a way to spend more quality time with family and friends. Online franchise business is growing rapidly, affording people the opportunity to work from home without the hassles of traditional brick and mortar overheads such as rent, insurance, employees and other liabilities.

Whatever you decide, do your due diligence and research thoroughly and then take action in working towards balancing your work life and nourishing you and your family.

Source by Zurieka Model