Baker’s Dozen Donuts – Franchise Review

Baker’s Dozen Donuts is a franchise donut store chain founded in 1978 by Peter Paraskakis. This donut store operator is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The chain operates over 300 store units, mostly in the Toronto, Ontario market area. Expansion came in the late 1980s, but it remains a small scale operation. Stores are company-owned as well as franchised. The store has two slogans: The original sign featured a European-looking Baker with a moustache holding a tray of a dozen donuts in one hand, and the thirteenth or “Baker’s Dozen” donut in the other hand.

Many donut shops are small and dark. Baker’s Dozen Donuts breaks these stereotypes with a large well lit customer area and donut showcase visible from the main street. Baker’s Dozen is often complimented by many customers as one of the cleanest shops around.

Baker’s Dozen Donuts offers a huge selection of donuts made fresh every single day. Not only does the shop offer specialty donuts, but they also make a fresh variety of croissants, muffins and a large selection of goodies such as fritters, strudel sticks, bagels, cinnamon sugar sticks, flavoured chorus, cake holes and sundaes. To go with the donuts, pastries and other goodies, the shop also offers a huge selection of drinks. From fresh coffee to a variety of fruit smoothies and everything in between, the shop offers a wide drink menu to satisfy whatever thirst you may have.

Baker’s Dozen Donuts guarantees its use of the highest quality ingredients that they can possibly find. They believe that the best doughnuts can only be made with the best ingredients; thus their constant efforts to elevate the standards in their baking practices.

Franchise agreements are granted with an initial franchise fee of $20,000. Royalty fees are 6% of gross sales. It takes a total net worth of $68,000 to $150,000 for investing a kiosk and a total net worth of $320,000 for a drive-through. Approximately, over 1 to 4 employees are needed to run a franchised unit. The company also requires an advertising fee of 2% local plus 2% national.

A franchisee will be provided with continued service and support from the company which include advertising and marketing, financial assistance, lease negotiation, site location, staff training, management, supplies and purchasing. Aside from these benefits, Baker’s Dozen Donuts has built its name through the years. Carrying its brand is one big advantage, as it is already known and established.

Becoming a successful franchisee with Baker’s Dozen Donuts isn’t as daunting as it might seem. Naturally, there will be challenges but the basic requirements you need to overcome to make your franchise work are assets you probably already possess. Essentially, Baker’s Dozen Donuts looks for highly motivated organizations or entrepreneurs with a sincere commitment to building a retail brand in their territory.

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Source by Thomas E White