Ameriplan USA – A Business and Opportunity Review

Is Ameriplan USA in your future? Health Care has been a growing problem in America for many years now. In reviewing the current health care situation many people feel that government involvement in the health care industry is to blame. Many people feel that it is greedy insurance companies and some believe the problems stem from to many lawyers. Chances are it’s a combination of all of these and more. But since 1992 there has been a company out there doing something about that problem.

AP-USA health care plan offers a direct access program that allows its members to pay for their medical care directly to the health care provider at substantial discounts. AP-USA is not insurance but a way for those who choose not to have insurance to for what ever reason to gain access to an affordable health care alternative.

Started in 1992 by brothers Daniel and Dennis Bloom, their simple idea has grown to become the largest discount health program of its kind in America. The company boasts of a membership exceeding 1.2 million and revenue dollars over 100 million annually. The companies growth has come from a combination of market timing, offering a truly market driven service and a business model of using network marketing or multi level marketing as its sales platform.

The discounted health plan offers a list of medical providers in your area who all have agreed to a reduced pricing structure. You as a member have the ability to know in most cases ahead of time what you will be charged. Various plans offer dental, chiropractic and medical starting at $14.95 to $59.95 per month. Your monthly fees help cover the costs associated for marketing the program and for maintaining the panel of medical service providers to its members. Discounts on services can range from 35% to 80% of normal fees billed to an insurance company. You heard of cash discounts. Well the reduced fees you pay for service help illustrate the overhead created by government regulation and insurance billing.

Whether Ameriplan USA is right for you is a personal choice. But one of the biggest considerations should be whether or not you have a provider in your immediate area. Though their list of providers is constantly growing your doctor may not necessarily be a provider, so check first. An option if your doctor is not a listed provider is to ask him or her if they would consider becoming one. Adding a discount health plan is an excellent way for employers to offer benefits to its employees. Approaching employers may be an excellent marketing avenue for more aggressive marketers. The health plans offered are far less expensive per employee than health insurance and you make a commission whether the employer or employee pays for it.

In my expert opinion this is a very viable business and a company most would be proud to represent. You can join for less than a $100 start up fee. A $50 per month commissionable fee which covers your 5 marketing websites complete with back office management tools needed to help run your business. But before starting any business do your homework. Starting a home based business is very simple, making it profitable is all together a different animal. Because AP-USA has a traditional type service or product, using traditional marketing methods might work for you. By this I mean making phone calls to friends and family members or using the 3 foot rule all methods taught by the company. However if you are seeking faster results in growing your business, consider learning inexpensive online marketing methods. These would include article – video marketing and search engine optimization. Remember that business opportunities, products and services don’t sell themselves, people do.

Source by Walter Rice