Aircraft Cleaning Companies and Co-Brand Marketing

If you own an aircraft washing service then you have invested in expensive equipment to clean planes. Parking that equipment on non-scheduled aircraft cleaning days seems like a waste of a quality asset and potential income. For instance a pressure washer or steam cleaning rig can be used to clean airport grounds in the evenings or even fleets of airfreight trucks after hours right?

Well sure and this brings us to the topic of Aircraft Cleaning Company Co-Brand Marketing and discovering other things to wash. My first aircraft washing business was started at age 12 and grew into a very large mobile washing service. At the time we were selling aircraft washing franchises in the US we did allow our teams to wash other things besides Aircraft on airport and adjacent properties. Parking Structure detailing, airport shuttle buses, scissor truck loaders, airfreight containers, concrete, runways, terminal signage, benches, buses, etc. Other than that they had to sign a franchise agreement for another of our co-brands; or , generally aviation folks are sharp and we generally allowed them to go with another crew for four days who was doing those other types of cleaning and ride along and work with their manager.

If you have cleaning teams you can trust around aircraft then you certainly can trust them around other ground equipment or cleaning concrete too. We did discover that it is much more difficult to go from let us say car washing or truck washing into aircraft cleaning. You see going from Car Washing to Aircraft Washing, was much more serious, we normally did not allow that with our franchisees without complete aircraft cleaning training of course, you understand. Consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow