Advantages of the Franchising Business

In this article, I will provide a detailed listing of the advantages of using the Franchise System.

Franchising is a wonderful system that has changed the lives of many. Here is why it works:

1. The Franchisor provides step-by-step detailed training.

2. The franchisee receives national media attention provided by the Franchisor.

3. The more the franchise grows, the better business each franchisee receives.

4. The Franchisor negotiates special finance rates and conditions that the Franchisee could otherwise not receive

5. The support given to the franchisee from the Franchisor greatly reduces the chance of failure

6. The Franchisee receives exclusive rights to the patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and more..

7. Each Franchisee receives an exclusive territory to guarantee there will be no direct competition

8. Most Franchisors provide great help in choosing the location for the Franchisee, this greatly reduces the risk of picking a bad location.

9. 95% of Franchisors will not succeed unless you succeed. This greatly influences them to have a complete business plan to ensure success and profit for both parties involved. Pick a proven franchise and you should be on your way to success.

10. A Franchisee can always call on the Franchisor if they have any customer service, technical, marketing, or any other type of problems.

11. If the first location is a success, then the Franchisee has the option of opening many more units. A successful Franchisee is of great value to the Franchisor and will be treated like royalty. Work hard and diligently and you could own many units one day. This is how a normal Franchisee turns into a rich Franchisee.

Source by Roger Morad