55 And Over Can Be Online Entrepreneurs, Too!

In the early 90s I walked away from a high school counseling position to pursue my dream of helping teens start their own businesses. The dream became a reality with the formation of a nonprofit, Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Today.

During our 12th year, a robbery occurred at our teen center which ended the run of such a fascinating journey. Computers and other office equipment were trashed, teen projects were destroyed, and the entire center was in no way a place to continue training. All indication was to have to start over from scratch. No! This was not in my plans to rebuild again. I had now reached the age of retirement and was interested in online entrepreneurship for seniors.

Unfortunate the people with whom I associated rejected the use of computers and most definitely the idea of making money online. If you are interested in becoming an online entrepreneur, you must remove yourself from negative people. The realization is that the internet is for all age groups, and for seniors, it’s an avenue to consider. Seniors (55 & Over) Can Become Online Entrepreneurs, Too!

Entrepreneurship is for any age and seniors have a good chance to be successful. The hurdles that senior entrepreneurs may face are a little different than the barriers for younger ones. By 2012, nearly 20% of the U. S. workforce will be age 55 or older, and nearly 7 out of 10 workers expect to continue to work full or part-time following retirement from their career, including 15% who expect to start their own business. Senior Source

This general information can help you plan the groundwork for finding the online niche for your own online business. If interested in such an undertaking, know that there are many factors to consider, and I am including 3 of the most important ones:

1. You must have a valid reason to start an online business. For example, extra income or a refusal to live an inactive life. This will not be a hobby but a real business.

2. Check out the avenues for earning online. Google.com is a good place to start your search for “online earning incomes.” Look for an opportunity that matches your skill and experience. The latest income finding is a work- from-home franchise. It is designed with an exceptional platform: step-by-step training (videos and webinars), a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, expert counselors, professional support, and a free membership to test the waters. This type of venture is recommended for those who want to duplicate a system such as a McDonald’s or a Meineke Car Care Center. Often franchises require a large outlay of cash at the very beginning. So, check out #3 below.

3. Avoid an outlay of a large sum of cash. Start small and work steadily upward.

Becoming an online entrepreneur can be a big risk, but that’s with any business. Older entrepreneurs have a challenge of working side-by-side with “father time.” This fact should not be a deterrent if you’re serious about getting your feet wet using your computer. You have several pluses to consider, your own prior business experience, an aptitude for what it takes to perform and complete tasks, and your own self-awareness of who you are. Something that youth may not always have on its side. If you are looking to start your own online business, you are in a position to be an online entrepreneur and nothing can hold you back except you.

Source by Fannie Butler