5 Warning Signs That an Online Home-Based Business Opportunity is Not Legitimate

Like thousands of other people, you may have heard that there are easy ways to make money from the internet. This is very true as proven by numerous individuals who have been able to earn residual income from their online business. Some are able to pay off bills, buy a house or a car, go on a dream vacation, pay for a college education, and many more. However, there are also some unfortunate individuals who just got ripped off, with nothing to show for their efforts. How can you tell if the online money-making venture you are getting into is legitimate?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of home business opportunities on the internet. While many of them are legitimate and reputable companies that offer real opportunities to earn money, some are just waiting for an unwary victim to rip off. Here are some of the warning signs that will tell you that an online business is not what it promises to be:

1. No valid company address or telephone number

If you are having trouble contacting a company representative, there’s a very big chance that the company is not legitimate. Verify if the company really exists and holds office at the address they provide. Check if the address is valid by using Google Maps. Reputable companies will provide a land line number, not a cell phone number. Give them a call at the number provided and see if someone answers. If you get no answer, it’s best not to have any dealings with this company.

2. Unsafe methods of payment

Legitimate companies will insist on safe and verifiable methods of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and the like. Companies that ask you to make payments to personal bank accounts or use unsafe payment methods are most likely fraudulent.

3. No money back guarantee

Legitimate businesses stand by their products or services and will guarantee customer satisfaction or give you your money back. Avoid companies that do not have a money back guarantee.

4. Unrealistic money-making methods

Does the home-based business opportunity promise that you will get rich quick? Do they say that you will earn thousands of dollars a day? If it sounds too good to be true then there’s a big chance that it isn’t.

5. Illegal ways of making money

Find out how you are supposed to make money before investing in a get-rich-quick scheme. For instance, pyramiding or the Ponzi scheme is illegal. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into an illegal means of making money, whether online or offline.

The internet is fantastic way to make money from home and there are many legitimate ways to earn extra income. Heed the warning signs to avoid scams and fraudulent money-making methods.

Source by Calven O’Reiley