4 Main Reasons Why WAHM Business is on the Rise

There is a growing trend of moms quitting their 9 to 5 job and heading back home to start a new venture, WAHM business. The success of mompreneurship and the advance of technology and internet contributed to more work at home resources online. These successful mompreneurs inspire newbie moms who want to set up a home based company.

The reasons why WAHM Business is on the rise are:

  1. Today’s Moms have Entrepreneur Mindset. Moms who used to work for high paying jobs say “NO” to simple and low pay work at home jobs such as data entry. Stay at home moms no longer want to work part-time for basic pay. What they want is to take ownership of the job and set up an enterprise.
  2. Today’s Resources for Work at Home Focus on Online Business Opportunities. The successful mompreneurs share their expertise and provide guides on how to start a home based company. More and more online home business ideas are explored and created. Service-based business, freelance writing and blogging are examples of online WAHM business. Online home based company is low risk and easy to start with the low cost investment.
  3. The Advance of Technology and Internet. Mompreneurs use technology and internet to provide work at home learning resources for moms in the forms of e-books, audios and video tutorials, podcast or database library. The easy access of learning materials via the internet and the low cost of learning encourage moms to learn and venture into setting up a small company.
  4. The Growth of Business Outsourcing. Large companies no longer hire permanent staffs hence they outsource service related activities to small business owners. WAHM business is growing due to the demand of business outsourcing. Moms who own a small home based company offer their expertise based on job contract. Virtual Assistance, bookkeeping, proof-reading, transcription, copywriting are examples of service based business which can complement to the need of large companies.

WAHM business is still a business although it is run from home. Moms basically need to learn about time management and setting goals. Time management is important; moms need to schedule their work efficiently in order to complete the task for their clients in time. Running a company from home is not easy; moms need to set goals as a direction. Overcoming challenges and finding ways to improve your business are ongoing process in goal setting.

Overall, a home based company can be rewarding if one strives to make it work. Moms will find fulfillment in career and personal development while staying at home to attend their family.

Source by Viviana Widjaja