3 Ways to Write Articles That Sell Your Easy Home Based Business

I’ve previously talked about the reasons why anyone who is tying to be successful in an easy home based business or online affiliate sales is completely missing the boat if they’re not using the power of article marketing.

Article marketing has been around virtually since the dawn of the internet. It’s tried and trusted and still as effective for online promotion today as when it started. If you want recognition and traffic to your website – you’d be unwise to overlook the power of the keyboard.

Okay, so it’s established that you should be using articles to promote your business but, not everyone likes or even knows how to write an article. So what are your options?

Before we get into the options, keep in mind that while I’ll always recommend you only submit good quality fresh content to the article directories, you’re not writing for the New York Times. It doesn’t have to be Pulitzer Prise winning material so relax and concentrate on turning out something of interest to your target market. Here are some options.

If you’re not a writer, the easiest way to get going is to outsource the writing to a professional writer. There are many sites like elance.com or my personal favorite – Craigslist where writers hang out looking for work. You can have articles written for as little as a few dollars per article but please beware. I mean no offence at all but while paying someone for whom English is a third language to write your articles may save you some money the quality of the articles can be absolute garbage or even worse duplicated content so do your due diligence. The name of the game is providing quality content to your audience. Be choosy when picking an outsource writer. Ask to see some of their previous work. It’s your money and your reputation, so don’t be afraid to check them out.

If you are keen to write your own articles but not sure where to start, here’s the easiest route to go. Think of a particular problem within your area of interest then make a list of three – five ways to solve that problem. Turn your description of the problem into your opening paragraph, expand on each problem solver on your list for the body of the article, quickly sum it up and you’re done. 450 – 500 words of good content that provides value to your reader. This is also the perfect length for an independent blogger to add to their blog which gives you extra exposure and another backlink to your site. Win win.

In the next article, I cover the topic of writing headlines that catch your reader’s attention. All the best.

Source by Adrian Mccluskey