3 Jobs You Must Have in Order to Get a 7-Figure Income

With in the next several minutes I will make you a millionaire! Impossible! To Good to be true! Scam! Gimmick! After I introduce you to these three Job titles you will be convinced!

* Preparation Opportunist

* Change Technician

* You INC!

These 3 job titles are all your need. Now where most people fail is that they do not employ these job titles on a daily basis so they come up short. Yes these are habits that you must allow to permeate through you in if you want to become a millionaire in the next several seconds. Keep reading!

Preparation Opportunist:

Sounds like a job you can put on your resume doesn’t?

So say If I give you one million dollars right now what will you do with it? Cars , house, bills? To large of a sum 50k What would you do with it? This is why lottery winners fail or people who fall into lump sums of money.They are not prepared to handle this great opportunity. They are more interested in purchasing depreciating assets and frivolous expenses as oppose to appreciating assets and comfortable luxuries. How would a Preparation Opportunist answer the same question? Hmm real estate is still depreciating , stocks are down “Green” That’s it go green because its hot right not especially with all the government subsidy money to be had. I would invest 500k in my own green company that sales solar panels. Oh that other 500k a franchise that can work without me being there. Why a franchise and not my own because all the hard work has been done for me. Being aware of whats going on and looking for advantages in the market would allow me to put that money to great use. Simply put Preparation Opportunist purchases assets that appreciate.

Change Technician:

Does it bother you when your boss says we will be learning a new system? Do you frequently use the saying that’s not how we use to do it.? Do you agree with the record companies are spending there energy in the right places towards digital music? Finally when situations arrive do you find yourself rigid and unwilling to comprise. If you answered no to all four questions than you have the ability to become a Change Technician. Most people hate change only because we are habit forming people. We love a routine if we stray away from that routine than we feel out of sink. In the business world if you do not adopt to change you lose your shirt like music stores across the country. I read where a music store company was down to its last store and instead of closing the store for good created another music business buying and selling hard to find music. Now the Boss of that company is a Change Technician. Once you become a millionaire or begin your path to being a millionaire you must become a Change Technician you do this by not only staying current in your industry but also being aware of what is going on in other industry’s that can potentially affect you at some point.

You Inc!

That’s right Millionaire brand themselves. The reason is job locality is all, but diminished. So now its time to enter the 21st century and instead of being loyal to some company that will drop you if their numbers are driving towards the red You should rather brand yourself. Stars are the best example of branding themselves on a large grandiose scale but you to can brand yourself just like them but on a smaller scale. The steps to brand oneself.

Step 1: Set a goal to reach the top of your profession

Step 2: Always be on time it show hard work and people being to respect you as person you cares about time.

Step 3: Give a 100%. Live by the phrase someone is always watching

Millionaires use these three steps to brand themselves everyday and so should you.

These jobs can be held by everyone in fact 1 out 0f 125 Americans work these jobs everyday.

If your not 1 out of 125 yet in order to hire yourself the only qualification is the willingness to be a Millionaire in the profession/industry you love. Now once you make this decision , you have created in essence your definitive purpose which in turn will make you a millionaire in your mind instantly and on paper down the road. you see I told you I’ll make you a millionaire.

Source by Rayvonne Johnson