18-8 Franchise – A Simple Review

I should have seen it coming, with all the new products for men’s Health Care, body washes etc. It only stands to reason that a modern day barbershop has been set up exclusively for men. You’ll need between $100,000 and $300,000 to get started in this franchise business. The company name is 18|8. I’ll call it 18 for short. I guess the days of body soap from Ireland just don’t get you clean anymore!

This is setup much like a ladies salon, except of course, for men. They provide haircuts, face and scalp treatments, and massage. Also provided are haircuts and hair coloring and of course “manicures”!

Clients are greeted by a salon coordinator and offered a drink. It appears that you must have a reservation to get your quality services at 18|8. Styling and grooming are based upon skin type and hair type. The type of male grooming products is also taken into consideration. After the styling or grooming is completed a” prescription” is issued along with the receipt. I’m guessing that you can fill the prescription at the s salon.

18 appears to be a very good opportunity. Financing is available through a third party. I’m predicting 18 would be best to start on the left coast or the upper east coast. The company has been in business for over 10 years and has a good track record. By all indicators, my opinion is that this franchise will be popular for some time.

As with all franchises, it is important to do your own due diligence. Be sure to note if a company has a strong Internet presence. If you want true success online you’ll want to have an Internet marketing and mentoring coach to help you drive traffic to your web site, thereby increasing views and driving more traffic and profits to your business. The costs of such coaching services are minimal when compared to the cost of the franchise itself.

Source by Kevin Ewing