10 Reasons You Should Not Get a Job

Jobs are great, for some. Chances are if you are an entrepreneurial minded individual, the thought of getting a job in the “rat race” seems like a very unappealing idea. Millions of Internet scams out there advertise that you can make 1000s a week just by signing up on their program. The reason they are successful is that many people realize that having their current job is not living out their dream and hope this could be an easy way out. They feel they are not living their fullest. They are not LIVING INFINITELY. However, if you are reading this far, I know a couple of things about you. One, you have enough knowledge to know yourself enough to think “I can enable myself to live a lifestyle on my terms”. Two, you have realized that working for someone else is not working out for you and your ready to explore your options. No need to wait any longer: The top 10 reason why you should not get a job.

10. You don’t like feeling owned. Many people do not like the feeling of being completely owned by another, we intrinsically have a sense of independence. Jobs provide a false sense of “job security.” Job security is not being able to get fired at a moments notice at the will of another.

9. Help the economy. Economies thrive under competitive environments. When imagination and ideas flourish, societies get better. Entrepreneurs help the economy by fighting monopolization with their ingenuity.

8. Your dreams will never come true. Many people do the same activities day- after day (largely because of restrictions from their employer) without hopes of accomplishing their dreams. Do you have a dream of traveling the world, not working everyday, or starting a charitable foundation? Chances are you will not win the lottery, take action today.

7. You are a leader at heart and can make a difference if given the chance. Entrepreneurs are leaders within our society. If you want to make a difference and believe this deep within you, boldly step forward and be an agent of change.

6. Enable self-development. Nothing restricts the development of the self as much as having a harsh employer that sucks the life out of your potential. The mind and body are powerful instruments we have, yet many go through life without a chance to use them to their fullest.

5. You don’t have a boss over your shoulder. Many of us dislike being told what to do. Unfortunately, many face bosses have issues asserting their authority because of some kind of lack of competence, inferiority, and a host of other leadership problems. This typically results in a poor working environment that fosters resentment instead of productivity.

4. Make more money. When I was younger I worked at a country club. Who were the members? Almost every single member (with the exception of a few doctors) was a business owner. Business owners control wealth within our society, you should be one too.

3. Let Capitalism work for you. Our economy is set up to reward risk takers, entrepreneurs, and those with opportunistic drive. Our great country enjoys more economic success across all classes than any other country in the world. Take advantage of the ingenious of “the corporation” and use its benefits to create wealth.

2. Not enough family life. Working for “the man” can bring down your family. Too much work puts strain on relationships. If you do not have enough time to spend with the people you love in this world, be proactive and make a change.

1. Trading time for money on someone else’s terms. Many of the points I have made come back to the point that trading your precious time (you only have one life) for someone else’s money is a system that does not work for them.

There are many create ways of making money and many more yet to be discovered. My dare to you is to take that risk. Those who fail typically say that they did not regret doing so even if they end up back at work for someone else.

Source by Jesse Sherer